Cat (boutondor) wrote,

Do I live in France?

Remember how I said I was back? Well, life wouldn't let me. In the end I had to withdraw my offer on the flat as it would have been difficult to resell, thus not a good investment opportunity.

So my grandmother (mum's mother) died last week. My brother and I flew out to France on Thursday. The funeral was Friday. My other brother (the one who lives in Canada) and my mum were already there. My grandmother has had Alzheimer's for 15 years, has stopped remembering who I was for 12 and remembering who she was for 7 years. She was suffering and unhappy so it's for the best. However, Friday was sad. My mum and aunt decided the grandkids would be the ones to speak at various points during the funeral. So the five of us had different things to see, as well as our testimonies. My cousin started crying during hers and her brother had to finish it for her. I felt really bad for her as she was the closest to our grandmother out of all of us.

Besides the sadness of the afternoon, we had a family evening meal and that was really nice. The last time both familes were all together was over 2 decades ago. We had a good time, a good laugh and a good cry. Also, my mum's best friends (since they were 10) and her sister came to the funeral at the last minute. I saw her the second time I had to stand to say something. I smiled. Not for long (because it was soooo inappropriate) but I couldn't help it. I was so happy to see her.

And I'm going back to France next Saturday (1st June) as my American cousin and her husband on my dad's side are going to Bordeaux so we're doing this huge family reunion thing. That's two weekends in a row in France. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.


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